Always wanted to play
a stringed instrument?

Now you can!

Instramusic is a unique group music activity using stringed instruments, designed for older people.

This 60-minute standalone session is:

• Ideal for beginners
• A music-packed hour of new experiences
• An opportunity to explore the possibilities of stringed instruments in a relaxed and friendly session

We bring the instruments – violins, violas and cellos – plus facilitator and materials!

It’s so satisfying, I love it.

An immediate and beautiful result!

What We Do

Starting with a gentle warm-up, we then explore the sound of each instrument, trying out each string in turn. The techniques we use are deceptively simple: we’re all playing music together by the end of just one hour!

Playing together has a high feelgood factor, plus it keeps our fingers supple and minds active. This gently stimulating and highly absorbing activity demystifies the musical process and is a lot of fun.

Stringed instruments are both beautiful and versatile – now’s your chance to find out for yourself.