Open Strings Music has a vibrant volunteer base: from music graduates to retired professionals, we have a role for everyone in projects and behind the scenes!

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Sessional Volunteers

Many of our volunteer roles are within our sessions, supporting people to join in with the group, such as sharing a xylophone with a participant, or helping someone choose a drum to play. Some of our sessional volunteers are experienced musicians, who want to develop their group facilitation skills. Others are experienced facilitators, researchers, or community workers, who want to develop their musical skills.

We generally recruit sessional volunteers in March, July and November.

Admin Volunteers

We currently have roles available in social media, suitable for people with some experience. This role is for someone who primarily likes to work using their own initiative, and is available to attend a session once a month to fully experience and talk about our work.

Advisory Group

We have an active and experienced Advisory Group, who meet with the directors bi-monthly, bringing their skills to our governance team. We are currently recruiting people for our Advisory Group who have financial and marketing skills.

For more details of any of these volunteering roles, please contact us.

Open Strings has very much helped me. Group music making is very therapeutic even from being on the facilitating team rather than an attendee. All of the supportive people on the Open Strings team help me believe in myself and remind me that there is purpose to keep fighting through these dark times should they arise.
– CH, OSM volunteer.

You don’t have to be a great singer like Pavarotti. It’s the participation that matters. Before volunteering I had inhibitions about singing like lots of people. But I relax when I sing with the group. I feel like more a part of the community by volunteering.
– Co OSM volunteer.

I’ve seen instruments that I’ve never seen before and that heightens the experience for me. Nearly 100 different instruments; cellos, violins, violas, guitars, ukuleles, percussion, things that I don’t even know the name of. I tell my friends about it and they’re blown away. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my week.
– Co OSM volunteer.