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We Provide the Instruments


We Provide the Instruments

arthur and cello 8-13
Open Strings Music has a variety of stringed instruments for you to play: violin, viola, cello – or try all three! Violin & viola, the smaller, higher-pitched instruments, are usually played under your chin, while the cello – the larger, deeper-sounding instrument – sits between your knees.

Bowed stringed instruments are very versatile and rewarding to play, with or without the bow. Traditionally used in classical and folk music, many contemporary string players play without reading music in many different genres:

Our high-quality student instruments are sourced from Ackermans Music, Brighton, as well as some being kindly donated by members of the local community.

We also offer the use of percussion, guitars, ukulele, and Ipad in our community and residential-based settings.