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Strings Unbarred

Strings Unbarred

Strings and Sitars     4th November '15

A unique opportunity to play music in a group of like-minded people!

The purpose of Strings Unbarred is to help adult players develop their confidence and musicianship as well as providing the opportunity to meet and play with new people in an informal and supportive environment.

These workshops are for adult players of bowed strings to play together beyond music reading. We use specific techniques and exercises as well as playing and composing pieces together, developing improvisation, ear-playing, and performance skills.

In addition to regular Strings Unbarred sessions, we sometimes offer special one-off group sessions with visiting musicians: we were honoured to host a workshop with the musicians of Benares in November ’15: Deobrat Mishra, Pandit Shivnath Mishra, and Prashant Mishra – highly accomplished players of sitar and table, who were visiting the UK for the first time.

Strings Unbarred is a mixed ability group, with a minimum playing requirement of a major scale (please email us for more details).

Open-Strings-LOGO-only_Quotes.jpgStrings Unbarred is so inspirational – exactly what I was looking for, but never dared to think it existed

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Contact us if you’d like to book onto a Strings Unbarred course!