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Open Strings Music for Individuals

Always wanted to play a stringed instrument? Now you can!

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Open Strings Music is a Brighton-based CIC which provides opportunities for people to connect and create together through live music-making. As well as running workshops and projects to help people of all abilities make music together using stringed instruments: violin, viola & cello, we also deliver creative music sessions for people with dementia and their carers, and for mental health and wellbeing. No prior experience of music is required to play with us, and in many cases we even provide the instruments.

In our beginners’ strings workshops, you will play familiar and new music as well as creating your own in a group. You’ll start gently by plucking the strings and move on to using the bow when you’re ready.

Stringed instruments are very versatile and rewarding to play – they make a beautiful sound straightaway and you don’t need any special technique or ability to start playing. Once you do start, learning can help improve dexterity and cognitive skills. And playing music together is a great way to make new friends!

Open Strings’ gentle and effective way of learning has helped many different groups of people to play (including our very own over-50s’ ensemble, Silver Strings).


Open-Strings-LOGO-only_Quotes.jpgI feel I have achieved something.

Open-Strings-LOGO-only_Quotes.jpgIf you want to play music creatively with other people, without being tied down by technique or written music, then I can thoroughly recommend an Open Strings workshop.

Who is Open Strings Music for?

Everyone! While some projects are for specific groups (such as over-50s or people with particular needs – see Open Strings for Organisations), others are open access. There are beginners’ groups plus workshop series (Strings Unbarred) for people who’ve been playing for longer.

Open Strings Music’s participants usually start to play without reading music so that everyone can listen to the sounds they’re making, which helps develop great musicianship. As the group progresses, we provide plenty of support materials so that you can develop your music reading and theory skills. Many of our beginner students have used Open Strings as a springboard for taking up regular one-to-one lessons.

Please go to events for dates of current workshops & classes – and email us here if you’d like to suggest a workshop or go on our mailing list.

Open-Strings-LOGO-only_Quotes.jpgVery supportive, safe and fun.

Open-Strings-LOGO-only_Quotes.jpg A wonderful atmosphere! Julie Watson, Community Learning, Brighton Town Hall


We provide high-quality musical experiences for our participants, which means we need high-quality instruments, strings and bows. Can you help us supply these? If you would like to support our work, please click on the donate button below: thank you very much.