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Music for Wellbeing

Music For Wellbeing

‘Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I particularly liked the union and sense of connection made between us as a group’

These are bespoke sessions within community and residential settings, either on a theme – such as strings for mental health – or more general wellbeing and connection sessions, with people living with dementia, adults with learning disabilities, and for mental health, using a range of activities and instruments such as violin family / guitar family, singalongs, percussion and digital instruments.

The sessions are experiential and designed to offer mixed ability groups a way to connect, experience and have fun together. There are also opportunities for progression and development if desired.


Open-Strings-LOGO-only_Quotes.jpgThe people we support really look forward to the sessions…they get really involved in the music. Joanne Osbaldiston, manager, Sussex Tikvah


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