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Basics and Beyond


Teaching the Basics and Beyond

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We are experts in enabling beginners to play, whether for experiential or educational outcomes. We also provide routes for development, eg: one-to-one tuition, progressive workshops, signposting according to individual requirements.


A trained facilitator brings instruments to your group, for everyone to play together and experience the beautiful sound and vibrations of real plucked strings.

Benefits include:

  • – wellbeing – personal growth, contributing to the group sound
  • – communication – listening, turn-taking
  • – cognitive – memory and using the brain differently
  • – dexterity – whatever the mobility of the participant: just one finger can be all that is required to play
  • – confidence – a sense of belonging and achievement



I was watching L play the cello and he was completely lost in it – it was wonderful to see.

Anne, support worker, Rose Cottage


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  • Beginners: Strings from Scratch 
    Starting with an instrument, we get you playing straight away in the group, creating unique pieces together. As sessions progress, we move on to bowing, finger placement, good posture, tone work and overall musicianship skills. Our gentle & effective system supports your individual learning journey as well as helping you play together within a group of musicians. Many of our Strings from Scratch beginners have progressed to one-to-one tuition with our wider team, as well as progressing to Strings Unbarred.


Open-Strings-LOGO-only_QuotesBeing a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t play with other people

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  • More experienced players: Strings Unbarred
    By playing in a group, you’ll support and learn from each other, as well as having the opportunity to learn pieces by ear, improvise and compose together, to develop strong musicianship and try out new ideas. In Strings Unbarred we use innovative techniques to get you playing together beyond music reading.


Open-Strings-LOGO-only_QuotesIsabel knows how to take you to the edge of your “comfort zone” and once you cross it, you get a real buzz!