Welcome to Brighton & Hove’s specialist community music service for adults of all abilities

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme

Open Strings Music runs projects for people to connect
and create through music-making,
whatever your ability, you can play with us!


We wish to contribute to a society in which everyone can connect through music-making:
accessing, playing, and enjoying music together, regardless of economic circumstances,
ability or needs, age, social status or previous musical experience.

We are a Brighton (UK) -based social enterprise which has been running community music projects in the city and beyond since 2013. We offer participatory music as a tool for connection in a variety of community-based settings: for mental health, with older people, with people with learning disabilities, and with people with dementia and their carers.

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We provide high-quality musical experiences for our participants, which means we need high-quality instruments, strings and bows.

Can you help us supply these?

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